About Us

About Us

Zolitayre is a family-run company supplying Corporate Gifts and Branded Promotional Merchandise to a wide range of businesses from blue-chip corporations to small businesses and everyone in between.  We offer all forms of branding from engraving and printing to blocking, embroidery and more.  With over 35 years’ experience in the business, a customer base spanning almost every industry you can think of and a global supplier chain and product range boasting thousands of exciting options,  we source and brand products to individual customer requirements, giving your promotion, event or business a truly unique and personal touch.   Whatever your budget, brief or requirement we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service with attention to detail which is second to none. That is why our clients tell us they come back to us again and again.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Please read some of their testimonials to see what they have to say about us.

Steve is our founder and MD and has many years of experience in the Business Gift industry. 

What is your role in the business? Anything from making the tea to order progressing. We are lucky in having a highly skilled team and everyone knows their job inside out. I just bring things together and fill the gaps where necessary.

Why do you like doing this? I get bored easily. After 35 years of doing what I do, I find that with changes in printing techniques and fantastic new products coming onto the market all the time, life is never dull.  Every day brings interesting challenges.  I also get a huge buzz out of supporting such a huge variety of widely differing marketing campaigns.  No two are the same and every one of them is vitally important to our customers, so it’s imperative we watch every aspect of every job incredibly closely.

What is your favourite promotional product? There are many items I love. Personally, I really rate Swiss Army Knives and the more recent addition of the Swiss Army Cards I think is brilliant. A credit card sized item, of the highest quality with great branding area. Who could not appreciate a gift like that?

Claire is our Sales & Marketing Director.

What is your role in the business?  Working with customers to ensure they get the right product at the right price, branded to suit their particular requirements.

Why do you like doing this?  Like Steve, I love the fact that every day is different and every job is unique.  I love it when I get asked to suggest ideas for a particular campaign or event – it’s like being a personal shopper on a large scale!  And I love the sense of satisfaction I get from knowing that what we have created has helped our customers’ businesses to grow and flourish.  We are also very lucky to deal with many nice people – both customers and suppliers.  They make our job such an enjoyable one.

What is your favourite promotional product?  I have quite a few!  I love pens – everyone uses them, they can look really stylish branded with a logo and you can never have too many of them.  Plus there are so many to choose from – there is something for everyone’s taste!  I also love the cotton shopper.  It is environmentally friendly, practical, great-looking and used time and time again and it gets your logo seen by lots of different people.  But my all-time favourite has to be the trolley coin keyring.  It is such a great little item – useful, compact, stylish.  I couldn’t be without mine!



Judy is our Financial Director.

What is your role in the business?  I am responsible for the financial processes associated with the business. I work on a part-time basis generating invoices, processing payments and advising on financial matters. 

Why do you like doing this? I like this job because no two days are ever the same. The variety of suppliers, customers and associates makes it an exciting and vibrant industry to be part of.

What is your favourite product?  I don’t have one specific favourite but I admire the innovation going into green, environmentally friendly products. I am amazed at the innovative use that some recycled products can be put to, such as pencils made from recycled newspapers.